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Case Study:
Loft conversion in Ewshot, Hampshire


  • Loft conversion in Ewshot, a village near Farnham
  • A large detached period property.

What We Did

  • Due to the lack of height within the existing loft a steel and timber floor was constructed at high level on the first floor, approx 0.5 meters below the ceiling to create more head room for the new space above.
  • Windows were inserted within the brick gable walls.
  • The roof valley within the middle of the property was removed to create a flat roof spanning both ridges to create full head height within the new loft space.
  • A cabrio balcony window was installed within one of the bedrooms.
  • There were 2 double bedrooms and two large bathrooms created.
  • The entire roof was striped and retiled.
Ewshot Project: view of feature dormer window
Ewshot Project: view of the new flat roof spanning the original roof valley.
A loft conversion could add serious value to your home.
Ewshot Project: view of the new steel and timber floor.
Ewshot Project: view of feature cabrio balcony window
Ewshot Project: view of new access stairs
Ewshot Project: view of roof_being_re-tiled
Ewshot Project: room features.
Ewshot Project: external view of feature windows

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