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Roof constructed from pre-formed trusses.

The Benefits of a Loft Conversion

“A Nationwide study found that a loft conversion which added an extra bedroom and en-suite bathroom would add an average of 21 per cent to the value of a property. In London… the increase in value was likely to be even higher, at 24.5 per cent.”
On the Market, Nov. 2020

Loft conversions can be incredibly cost effective. In fact, they are often referred to in surveys as one of the top ten ways to add value to your home, and there are very few better value for money ways to add space, and value to a house.

“Adding a loft conversion that includes a bathroom and bedroom would typically add around 20% to the value of a three bed, one bathroom property.”
The Telegraph, January 2020

Roofs with gable end walls generally work well with a loft conversion. Gable ends and internal walls have a greater capacity to support any purlins or new beams that might be required for your loft conversion. Although, pre-formed structural trusses can now eliminate the need for internal load bearing walls, as well as being able to span longer distances, allowing for more complex roof and ceiling designs.

These pre-formed structural trusses have removed many of the barriers to converting virtually any kind of loft into a valuable living space.

Many extensions will fall under the category of Permitted Development Rights. If you simply need to build up your side wall to the height of the preexisting ridge level (a ‘hip-to-gable’ conversion), then you won’t need to gain planning permission for your loft conversion.

Normally, planning permission is only required if the changes significantly affect the external features of your property i.e. a change in the roof height, or the addition of dormer windows higher than the highest point of your existing roof.

A loft conversion offers a fantastic way to add space, and value, to your home without the considerable expense and disruption of digging down or out. Not only will you be able to add value to your home by converting a loft, you will have the opportunity to transform it into a flexible living space: a new master bedroom with en-suite; a den or extra living room—for teenagers. For a little ‘wow factor’, you could kit it out as a gyma stylish study, or library.

A master or guest bedroom and en-suite bathroom in your loft conversion could be a real attraction for prospective buyers. The same would apply to creating a light and open loft conversion, brightening up the space with light wall colours, open plan design, and the addition of one or more dormer windows to increase the natural light in the room. There are even dormer windows that transform into a balcony. A statement feature like this could add serious value to your home. With tasteful decoration, thoughtful stylish design, and a universal feel, it is easy to make a loft conversion pay for itself.

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